Vacancy: Postdoctoral position in Crisis Management

Will you be our new colleague? We are looking for a candidate with expertise in several of the following research areas; Big data and data analytics, Real-time data processing and monitoring, Data integration and visualisation, Control room systems and Situational awareness.

Vacancy: Postdoctoral position in Crisis Management

We are announcing a 2 year postdoc position in CIEM, to work in the following areas:

  • Big data and data analytics
  • Real-time data processing and monitoring
  • Data integration and visualization
  • Control room systems
  • Situational awareness

The candidate is expected to contribute to CIEM’s research on real-time collection, integration, analysis and visualization of data from relevant sources (sensors and human-generated data) for supporting situational awareness and decision-making. The position will involve fieldwork and collaboration with emergency responders, and participation in CIEM’s project activities to demonstrate the potential of the use of big data and real-time data analytics for emergency management. Scientific publications in relevant high-quality outlets are expected during the project period.

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Deadline: 1. July  2019