8 applications for H2020

Solutions for a Safer society. Centre for Integrated Emergency Management at UiA has submitted 8 applications for Horizon 2020 in 2014.

8 applications for H2020
Word cloud based on CIEM publications
The South Norway European Office presented CIEM and their recent work in a recent article.

CIEM strategy

Associate and Assistant Director at CIEM Tina Comes is CIEM main researcher in several of Horizon 2020 applications , including about building increased robustness for infrastructure under natural disasters and accidents, and simulation and training for better crisis management.

-Our Strategy behind Horizon 2020 applications is flagging our expertise, develop and strengthen our integrated approach, our principal markets and our network through joint project applications, says Comes .

She came to UiA in 2012 from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and research including how crisis management during natural disasters can be improved with regard to rapid recovery of IT and telephone systems, as well as with technology development in ICT. The major challenges that drives and inspires the Centre's work in all phases of crisis management are robustness (resilience), real-time response and integration.

-Some Horizon 2020 applications submitted in 2014 are within DRS (Disaster resilience) and we will look at more opportunities here in 2015. But we also focus on ICT and Social security, as well as ERC and Synergy Grants in 2016, says Comes.

-It has been challenging to build a center where researchers from various disciplines need to speak the same language, says Comes. We have further developed the center to be a common home by focusing on the major problem areas when accidents and other emergencies arise, and we are working to develop technologies that have real impact. Furthermore we are developing a good relationship with users and practitioners in our field, for example, we organize in May an international conference, ISCRAM 2015, which brings together around 300 researchers and practitioners with different approaches such as social media, geographical approaches and telephony based communication.

Interdisciplinary social issues

-To achieve greater societal security disciplines in technology and social sciences need to pull together, says professor and former CIEM leader Jose J. Gonzalez. The research questions are multidisciplinary, and the research teams are interdisciplinary with both technologists and social scientists. In Secure Societies in Horizon 2020 are keywords like "interdisciplinary ", " multi-disciplinary» and» trans -disciplinary» regulars. That's how we work, and we are planning several applications, says Gonzalez.

CIEM researchers say that it can be challenging to get support for interdisciplinary project applications with components from both technology and social sciences, if the experts who evaluate applications from the various fields involved do not communicate well. But they believe that such considerations are well looked after in application monitoring of Horizon 2020.

This article is based on "Nytt UIA-senter med løsninger for et sikrere samfunn" by Bodil Agasøster in The South Norway European Office. Translation from Norwegian by CIEM.