Fire drill for testing SmartRescue app

20. November 2014 researchers and students at the University of Agder will be playing a game and testing the SmartRescue app for improved evacuation in fire situations.

Fire drill for testing SmartRescue app
Emergency Game at ISCRAM Summer school 2014

What Is SmartRescue?

Mobile wireless devices such as mobile phones and smartphones have become a widespread and typical asset. Such devices, especially smartphones are equipped with ever more advanced sensor technologies, including accelerometer, digital compass, gyroscope, GPS, microphone, and camera. This has enabled entirely new types of smartphone applications that connect low-level sensor inputs with high-level events. These new types of applications involve individuals as well as groups of users, and even entire communities.

A crisis can occur with little or no warn-ing, anywhere, anytime. The SmartRescue project will explore how the above com-munication technologies can be used for searching and evacuating people from buildings that are on fire.

The aim of the project:
  • To jointly form a continuous threat picture
  • To form a successful evacuation plan.

What Is SmartRescue Game App?

An android app adapted for a “Role Playing” game, designated for generating color-coded fire information, tracking people’s location in-door, and predict the threats.

What Is UiA Game?

A game/ fire exercise imitating real fire situa-tions, where some roles as firefighters will be assigned to volunteers to implement search and rescue of the victims inside the building. The game is designed to test the possible use of the SmartRescue App in the fire evacuation.

What Do We Want To Learn From The Game?

  • Evacuation procedures using the App
  • How can the App features be improved?
  • How do rescuers use the App?
  • Does the App improve coordination and support information sharing?

What Will Happen In The UiA Game?

The third floor of UiA, building A is on fire. The alarm rings immediately, and ato-matic fire doors close. Fire doors, the doors of the office and classes are closed and opened from time to time, because people want to escape from the rooms. Therefore, the smoke penetrates the rooms. Some employees and students can-not tolerate smoke and are unconscious.
The firefighters arrive and firstly discuss with the UiA evacuation leader. He shows the UiA layout, and the fire location. However he cannot provide further infor-mation to the firefighters, if there are still people left behind or not, and how the fire may develop. Now it is up to you as fire fighters to find the victims and save them: take them to a safe place before fire and smoke can cause further harm. 
CIEM Researchers involved: 
Jaziar Radianti
Parvaneh Sarshar

Mehdi Ben Lazreg

Youtube video: CIEM fire drill the trailer