Morten Goodwin

Morten Goodwin

Associate professor, Department of ICT, University of Agder

 (+47) 37233105
 (+47) 95248679

Research interests

His field of expertise is data-mining, machine learning and software development. More specifically, he is specialized in automatic collection of information from the web, so called web-mining, and a special interest in information which is difficult harvest requiring heuristics and learning algorithms.


Morten acquired his Ph.D. degree at Aalborg University Department of Computer Science in August 2011 with the thesis “Towards Automated eGovernment Monitoring” on applying learning algorithms and web-mining techniques on eGovernment indicators which are difficult to measure automatically. He has also developed algorithms on colonization optimization techniques both for web search and smart evacuation planning. Morten has been a member of the expert group working on the United Nations e-Government Survey and has done an internship at the United Nations Department of Public Administration working with eGovernment assessment.