Primary Objective:

The main goal of KriseSIM is to develop a realistic control room as a venue for experimentation and training in the crisis management area.

Secondary Objective:

  • To collect user requirements and validate the concept of the experimental control room for crisis management training.
  • To develop an interactive tool that can be used for virtual training and support time-critical decision making in the control room, considering various inflow of information sources.
  • To test the developed tool and build a method for evaluating the user performance, user awareness, and usability of the virtual training tool in the exercise context.

Project Info

Project Manager: Jaziar Radianti
Researchers: | Bjørn Erik Munkvold | Ole-Christoffer Granmo
Project Period: May 2017-2019
Funding: Aust-Agder utviklings- og kompetansefond
Partners: Agder Police, County governor of Aust- og Vest-Agder, Grimstad municipality, Kristiansand municipality, Grimstad Fire department, Grimstad Red Cross, Hospital of Southern Norway, NC-Spectrum.