• iTRACK: Integrated system for real-time TRACKing and collective intelligence in civilian humanitarian missions

    iTRACK is designed to be a cost effective open source system, supporting organisations where resources may be limited. To further facilitate its uptake by humanitarian organisations operating conflict and disaster missions, we design technology and policies in with humanitarian practitioners with pilot applications with the World Food Programme and iMMAP in on-going conflict disasters in the Middle East.

  • Reaching Out

    Effective EU support to a large external crisis requires new approaches. In response to this challenge and to identified user and market needs from previous projects, Reaching Out proposes an innovative multi-disciplinary approach that will optimize the efforts, address a wide spectrum of users and maximize market innovation success. The developed system including tools will be tested in three different situations; Ebola outbreak in West Africa, earthquake in the Jordan Valley and flooding in southeast Asia.

  • Smart Mature Resilience

    Smart Mature Resilience (SMR) is a multi-disciplinary research project working for more resilient cities in Europe. Researchers and cities come together to enhance cities’ capacity to resist, absorb and recover from the hazardous effects of climate change. A Resilience Management Guideline and a set of practical tools are piloted in a core group of cities and shared with a wider group of cities, strengthening the nexus of Europe’s resilient cities.

  • COMRADES - Collective Platform for Community Resilience and Social Innovation during Crises

    COMRADES (Collective Platform for Community Resilience and Social Innovation during Crises) aims to empower communities with intelligent socio-technical solutions to help them reconnect, respond to, and recover from crisis situations.

  • Global Orchestrated Disaster Defense (GO2D)

    In the GO2D project we seek a paradigm shift in emergency response. Victims, citizens and first responders will be equipped with superior situation awareness and response capability, supporting coordinated action in the face of disaster.

Completed projects


    A paradigm shift in Emergency Preparedness and Management is now possible owing to persistent progress in mobile technologies and services, their world-wide diffusion and affordability, and the emergence of ever new ingenious uses by citizens.

  • SmartRescue

    A crisis can occur with little or no warning, anywhere, anytime and it can happen either locally or globally. The SmartRescue project will explore how communication technology can be used in acute crisis situations.

  • SmartEMIS

    The SmartEMIS (Smart Emergency Management Information Systems) project focuses on how mobile devices such as smart phones combined with different forms of social media can be applied for improving information sharing and collaboration in emergency preparedness and management

  • Bayesian networks for modeling of hydrological processes

    Developing tools to express uncertainty in the forecasts of hydrologic power