Two open PhD positions at CIEM

One position in ICT (deadline 05.06.2015) and one in Information systems (deadline 15.06.2015)

Two open PhD positions at CIEM
Join Centre of Integrated Emergency Management Photo: Jaziar Radianti

Are you interested in :

Information Systems Development for Emergency Management

Emergency Management and Crisis Response are increasingly supported by the use of – in many cases mobile –  information systems. However, requirements for IS in this context greatly differ from that in typical business contexts due to the ad-hoc nature of emergencies and the need for robustness. We seek technology-driven contributions to Information Systems Development (ISD) for Emergency Management (EM).

Possible topic areas are:

  • Using mobile device sensor data for EM
  • Novel utilization of mobile devices and apps for decision support in EM, crisis response, disaster e-health, and self-help in emergencies
  • Using social media analysis to support EM


Position in Information Systems

Deadline 15.06.2015. 

Artificial intelligence supported emergency response

The position is intended to address issues related to artificial intelligence supported emergency response. Potential research topics for the PhD thesis include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) for enhanced situational awareness, resource allocation & planning, forecasting, and intervention.
  • Multisensory pattern recognition, including video, sound and natural language, as well as data from everyday equipment and social media.
  • Smart devices, including wearable sensors, smart glasses, smartphones, etc.
  • Analysis of communication, decision-making and coordination structures; information needs and user requirements.
  • Construction of serious gaming and evaluation scenarios that enable efficient and effective training, technology testing, and learning.

Position in Information and Communication Technology


Deadline 05.06.2015.