Global Orchestrated Disaster Defense (GO2D)

In the GO2D project we seek a paradigm shift in emergency response. Victims, citizens and first responders will be equipped with superior situation awareness and response capability, supporting coordinated action in the face of disaster.

Extreme weather and climate change aggravate the frequency and magnitude of disasters. Furthermore, the risk of extremist violence is growing as a result of radicalization. Facing atypical and severe events, existing early warning and response systems become inadequate both in scale and scope.

The GO2D project meets this challenge by employing a global virtual sensor grid, empowered by GPU accelerated clusters. The grid facilitates massive data harvesting and large-data processing; and with these underpinnings, our aim is to develop theory, algorithms and systems for transforming real-time disaster data into immediate actionable intelligence. 

The GO2D grid shall provide victims, citizens and first responders with strategic to hyper-local situational awareness and know-how, assisting them execute the correct action, at the right time, in a coordinated manner. We target a comprehensive range of data sources and effectuators, including smartphones, smart glasses, wearable devices, unmanned and manned vehicles, social media, human sightings and reports, as well as massive in-situ, aerial and satellite remote sensing systems.

This is an umbrella project designed for strategic exploitation of research results from ongoing and future CIEM activities.

By pursuing particularly difficult challenges in emergency response, employing groundbreaking artificial intelligence, we aim to achieve a paradigm shift in early warning and response.