PhD Project: Designing Decision support for humanitarian logistics operations

Mohammad Tafiqur Rahman is a PhD Research fellow in the Department of Information Systems at University of Agder (UiA), Kristiansand Campus, Norway. His research is affiliated with the Centre for Integrated Emergency Management (CIEM) at UiA. Rahman holds MSc. in Software Engineering of Distributed Systems from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden with a specialization in Information Systems. He is also engaged as a Guest Lecturer in his current institution.

Rahman’s research interests include decision support systems, disaster and crisis management, disaster response, and humanitarian logistics.

In his PhD project, he is focusing on designing and developing a decision support model for decision making at operational level of humanitarian logistics operations. The resulted model should rapidly analyze situations and assist users on decision-making for effective, efficient and equitable distribution of humanitarian relief despite of lacking, conflicting and uncertain information. Since operational decision-making in sudden onset is complex and challenging by nature and often irreversible, it is necessary to investigate how severe uncertainties can be characterized in humanitarian logistics to provide rapid decision support on relief distribution. Hence, for data collection, he exploited Delphi technique that included multiple rounds of survey and interviews.

Having Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) background, he finds that for such support in humanitarian relief distribution, decision-makers require extensive assistance from Software Engineering (SE) supported Information Systems. Advanced SE research is necessary for analyzing the requirements and developing the intended system. Now, at PhD level, he is incorporating social actors into the technological systems for generating sustainable solutions to the decision-making challenges that humanitarian responders face while responding to natural onsets. Thus, he is envisioning a potential research trensolving humanitarian logistics like practical and complex problems by the applying the concepts from SE. 

His solo and joint research articles have already been published in ISCRAM-med 2017, IJEM, IJISCRAM, and ISD 2019 outlets, where another article is currently under review in IJPDLM. Beside presenting and publishing articles in different information systems, and crisis and emergency management conferences and journals, he reviews articles for ECIS, EJISDC, HICSS, WEBIST, and WI. He is recognized as an Outstanding Reviewer by IJDRR.

Supervisors: Associate professor Tim Majchrzak and Professor Tina Comes.  

PhD Project: Designing Decision support for humanitarian logistics operations
PhD Fellow Mohammad Tafiqur Rahman

Project Info

Project Manager: Mohammad Tafiqur Rahman
Researchers: | Tim A. Majchrzak | Tina Comes
Project Period: 2016-2019